Telepresence Classroom

    A Mixed Virtual Classroom

    The Telepresence Classroom

    Georgetown’s telepresence classroom uses immersive videoconferencing technology to connect students on the Hilltop with students at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar. The telepresence system effectively creates a mixed virtual classroom composed of students in Qatar and in D.C.

    The telepresence room has been the perfect place to discuss issues of our concern. Listening to different views gives us a clearer understanding of our world.
    That’s the point of any educational institution and the RPX room helps in attaining that goal.

    Lamia Adi, Student, SFS-Qatar

    Causes of War

    David Edelstein's "Causes of War" Class

    In this video, you'll see Professor David Edelstein teaching his class "The Causes of War" to students in Doha and DC simultaneously.


    Classes Taught in the Telepresence Classroom

    • Social Enterprise in the Middle East and United States
    • Multinational Corporations
    • War Ethnography
    • Humanitarian Action
    • Revolutions in Comparative Perspective