Global Solver

    Global Solver is a science policy communication tool that brings together scientists and policy makers to engage students in the search for innovative solutions to the critical challenges in the areas of energy, environment, global health, and security.

    Sarah Stoll describes how Global Solver connects Georgetown students to science policy makers, who offer formative feedback on students’ science policy ideas.

    Global Challenges

    Science and Society: Global Challenges

    Students in Francis Slakey’s Science and Society: Global Challenges seminar collaborate to draft science policy legislation and submit their bills to Congress. Global Solver, a blog hosted by the Georgetown University Commons, not only encourages students to share their work with one another, but also allows experts to comment on student work, dramatically increasing the opportunities for student interaction with authorities in the field.

    Shaping Policy

    Student Legislation

    Legislation drafted by students using Global Solver has been introduced into Congress. For example, one group wrote a resolution calling for a reduction in plastic bag usage; another student developed a bill designed to improve awareness of bleeding disorders.

    Global Solver is phenomenal at connecting students with expertise. Global Solver's interface fosters collaboration and interaction, both with peers and with the Global Solver experts.

    Derick Stace-Naughton, COL’11

    Engaging the Real World

    Thinking Outside the Textbook

    SPI teaches science students to 'think outside the textbook' and directly engage with Congress and industry on real world issues. Students break into groups, identify a societal problem of their own choosing, develop a political science-based solution, and then advocate for their idea—they are graded on what they accomplish. In just the last four years, three student groups have had their ideas signed into federal law.

    Francis Slakey, Co-director, SPI